Mt. Rainier Camping Weekend

Long overdue.. but for my friend Brittany's birthday we headed to Mt. Rainier to do some adventuring around. I have never felt so small, like I felt standing in front of Mt. Rainier. We have a beautiful view of the volcano from our back porch at home, however standing right in front it was overwhelming.

girls in front of the mountain

those little black dots are hikers!

looks like the Sound of Music


morning bloody mary's

the falls

like kids in a candy shop.


Etsy Updates!

Recently I have been VERY busy with Etsy orders! My hope is to continually grow the site. Here is a little preview of some new creations! The stamps make perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays or just because. 

Beer, Bluegrass & Birthday

This past weekend I spent my time in Frisco, Colorado with my lovely beau, Mike. This weekend I turned the big TWO-SEVEN! Hard to believe that at a young age of 8, I thought being 27 meant marriage, babies, house, career, grown-up etc. HAHA Crazy how things change! Frisco and Keystone were full of beer, bluegrass, hiking, biking, eating and quality time. 

Keystone Resort - Home of Beer & Bluegrass Festival

We made pretzel necklaces to be sure we had snacks to go along with our beer tasting ;)

Schmitty, Jason, myself and Mike.. thoroughly enjoying ourselves

Frisco Sunset

The bike paths in Frisco are so beautiful!

Birthday Hike - Mt Royal 10,500 Feet

Frisco is all dried up!

boyfran and me

Andrew Bird - Lusitania

Discovery Park - Beach Day

Beach day in Seattle = burnt day. I forgot how white I turned once I moved to Washington, therefore I got purty burnt! However, I definitely enjoyed the company of my sister-in-law and friend Jesse. We walked about 1.5 miles to get to the beach to enjoy some vino and sunshine! An absolutely lovely way to spend a Sunday. 

Jesse, Jessica and I (photo taken by sis)

relaxing by the smelly water

my new dead friend. i love these lil nuggets.

Beckler Peak - Day Hike

Beckler Peak's highest elevation point is at 5063 ft with a 2263 ft elevation gain. On Saturday the 28th, we started out on the trail around 10:30 AM. The start of the trail is pretty wide and roomy, but that doesn't last long. Just when it starts to feel like the hike is getting pretty intense you come to a wide opening that gives you a view of the beautifully surrounding mountains. Taking a break at this point revives you to keep trucking on, up the mountain. The weather was absolutely perfect for this hike. The sun was shining and it was perfect for shorts and a tank. We ran into a few snow patches near the top but nothing that required gators or pants. Once we reached the top of the peak there were 360 views of the surrounding area. Absolutely breathtaking! We cracked a beer and enjoyed. I could have sat there all day. There was a family that made it to the top and one of them was wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt. Happy to see Michigan represent at 5063 feet in Washington. Since we only had one beer to share between 3 of us, we got pretty thirsty for more and decided to head back down for beer and burgers. On the way down we had some fun with snowballs fights and building snowmen. Check out the fotos: 

Hope you weekend was as amazing as mine!

My brother from another mother (jesse) and I at the top of Beckler Peak.

Top of the peak

jazz hands are always acceptable in nature.

one of the views on the way up.

chugging beer, dino-style.

this makes me happy.

path on the way to the top of the peak.

our snowman, johnny 4-balls.

stoned sperm whale.