Kayak Adventures

Mexican, margaritas and kayaking.. a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We kayaked through Lake Union and down by GasWorks Park in double kayaks and survived the yachts and boat wakes. 

geared up

sister steering the kayak.

MI and AK represent.

 Liz and Brit along for the fun!

Seaplanes landing ALL AROUND us!

Kayaking by the needle.

NeedtoBreathe - The Outsiders

Camping Season

Now that I have been freed of the giant leg brace from my torn ACL and meniscus my mountain adventures shall continue! I've been jonesin' to get out and explore once again. Thanks to my awesome friend Adam who lives in Portland, OR I was able to do so this past weekend. Adam is incredible and putting together trips and adventures for our group of friends. We headed from Seattle to Silver Creek, WA to set up camp at Ike Kinswa State Park. I highly recommend you checking out this site http://www.parks.wa.gov/parks/?selectedpark=Ike%20Kinswa ! As I pulled up to the site I realized there was a lot more people gathering then I originally thought (which was 5). Turns out 12 lovely people showed up for the weekend shenanigans. We got in pretty late Friday night but were able to set up camp before the sun went down. As everyone trickled in we sat around the fire for some drinks, eats, and good conversation. Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful, beautiful day ahead of us. Debating whether we should hike or hang around and play games we settled on finding a lake, setting up a badminton/volleyball net and let the games begin. We ate, drank and laughed into the evening. As evening rolled around we settled on campfire stories, slapping the bag and food. The question game became the hot topic of conversation. One person asks a deep or not so deep question and everyone has to go around the circle answering to the best of their abilities. A few of us even teared up at some of the questions and answers. Although some of us were meeting for the first time what I loved this about this group of people was that no one held back their fears, happiness or emotions. A genuine group of real people that all connect. 

Cheers to adventures.. 

hanging out at the lake.. 75 degrees in Washington. we'll take it!

adam | the man responsible for the amazing weekend 
oberon | the beer responsible for the amazing weekend

awaiting the arrivals.. 

swimming | badminton | volleyball | drinks

sandwich time!

beach naps

two nights of beautiful sunsets over the lake

part of the gang

we found a rope. naturally that involved rope swinging into the COLD water

one of my bestest