Discovery Park - Beach Day

Beach day in Seattle = burnt day. I forgot how white I turned once I moved to Washington, therefore I got purty burnt! However, I definitely enjoyed the company of my sister-in-law and friend Jesse. We walked about 1.5 miles to get to the beach to enjoy some vino and sunshine! An absolutely lovely way to spend a Sunday. 

Jesse, Jessica and I (photo taken by sis)

relaxing by the smelly water

my new dead friend. i love these lil nuggets.

Beckler Peak - Day Hike

Beckler Peak's highest elevation point is at 5063 ft with a 2263 ft elevation gain. On Saturday the 28th, we started out on the trail around 10:30 AM. The start of the trail is pretty wide and roomy, but that doesn't last long. Just when it starts to feel like the hike is getting pretty intense you come to a wide opening that gives you a view of the beautifully surrounding mountains. Taking a break at this point revives you to keep trucking on, up the mountain. The weather was absolutely perfect for this hike. The sun was shining and it was perfect for shorts and a tank. We ran into a few snow patches near the top but nothing that required gators or pants. Once we reached the top of the peak there were 360 views of the surrounding area. Absolutely breathtaking! We cracked a beer and enjoyed. I could have sat there all day. There was a family that made it to the top and one of them was wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt. Happy to see Michigan represent at 5063 feet in Washington. Since we only had one beer to share between 3 of us, we got pretty thirsty for more and decided to head back down for beer and burgers. On the way down we had some fun with snowballs fights and building snowmen. Check out the fotos: 

Hope you weekend was as amazing as mine!

My brother from another mother (jesse) and I at the top of Beckler Peak.

Top of the peak

jazz hands are always acceptable in nature.

one of the views on the way up.

chugging beer, dino-style.

this makes me happy.

path on the way to the top of the peak.

our snowman, johnny 4-balls.

stoned sperm whale. 

Mount Forgotten - Day Hike

Today's hike through Mount Forgotten has been the prettiest hikes I have done since moving to Washington. The views on the way up are absolutely breathtaking. Only the first two miles you are hiking through tall trees and brush without being able to see above until you come to a wide opening with clear skies. The trail becomes much steeper and heavily covered in lose rock. There are three waterfalls to make it over/through in order to continue the summit. The first waterfall isn't very deep to get through but the current is moving fast so you definitely have to move swiftly. The second waterfall proves to be a bit more challenging. The water gets deeper and is moving very fast. Gators and waterproof shoes are definitely a must! The third waterfall is where people on the trail told us they turned around due to the deep current. We scrambled around the bend a little ways to fit a shallower route in order to cross and continue on. After making it through the challenging waterfalls we decided to have lunch upstream in the dry river bed. After lunch we decided to do a little off-roading to get back through the waterfalls. Although very challenging with a dog in tow, we had so much fun jumping and scaling across the rocks and moss to make it back to the trail. On the way down the trail we took our time and enjoyed the views around us. We passed around 4 couples on our way up and down. A very quiet trail minus the roaring sounds of the waterfalls! 

the moss throughout the trail is gorgeous!

waterfall #3

Sister-in-law Jess and brother, Cody, crossing the waterfall

Cody, crossing the waterfall with Scarlotte

we did it! 

Annette Lake - Day Hike

Saturday, July 14th the day began at 8:30 am heading from Seattle to Annette Lake in the Snoqualmie Pass. The trail was slightly crowded with families, dogs and children. The 3,600 ft summit with a 1,400 ft elevation gain was perfect for my first real hike since ACL surgery. The switchbacks through Humpback Creek Valley didn't last long upon reaching Annette Lake, which lies between Humpback Mountain, Abiel Peak, and Silver Peak. There was a trail that only went half way around the lake with small inlets to take a closer look at the water and the surrounding mountains. The weather was absolutely stunning and so were the views!