Hair/Head Pieces

I've always had a love for hats/hair pieces but my love seems to be increasing. Check out some of my favs.. thanks Pinterest

can't go wrong with beads

perfect for a day at the beach

wedding bliss

she is beauty

feathers are ALWAYS a good idea

everyday livin'

Bret Dennen

I first heard Bret Dennen a few years back from an old boyfriend. After we broke up I kind of put his cute little voice out of my head but recently rediscovered him. I love his voice and can't say no..

Mt. Dickerman, Washington

Today was the best Tuesday I have had in a long time. Waking up at 6:15 a.m. wasn’t the best feeling but knowing we were going to be in the wilderness for hours witness some incredible views was so worth it. Along with my brother Cody and our friend Jesse, we drove approximately two hours to Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Park leading down a winding drive to Mt. Dickerman. As we were driving down the road a GIANT, GIANT Bald Eagle swooped down in front of our car and flew right in front of us as we followed down the road. We were all too intrigued and in awe to grab our cameras. The eagle’s wing span was approximately the width of the Land Rover we were in. He kept looking back at us as we followed further into the woods. After what felt like a lifetime the Eagle swoooped straight up into the sky and we lost him. THE best Eagle siting I have ever seen. We kept driving/riding in awe as we just witness one of nature’s true beauties. As we reached the trailhead we realized that we couldn’t have had better hiking conditions. The sun was shinning and the weather was just perfect for only a few layers. Approximately 30 minutes in we were all warm enough to start stripping layers. After moving through rocks, pines and waterfalls we end up in snow. The snow started out pretty icey and hard but then eventually we moved to power-like snow. About 2 hours in we came to an end to our trail. Instead of turning around we decided to make our own way to the top of the mountain. Things got a little sketchy on a few faces of the mountain that we ended up scaling across. This was the first time I felt a bit of nervousness run through me. Thank goodness my brother led the way with foot-holes to grip. After struggling to find out way to the top we made it!! The view was so incredible it was worth every step. We hiked about 2,700 ft. beginning at 2,000 which means we ended up at about 4,700 ft. After enjoying some PB&J’s and grapes we decided to head down. The sun was still shining and the air as fresh as I’ve ever felt it. We were at ease knowing we had a full path ahead of us through the waist deep snow. There was still plenty of moments when I was hoping my foot wouldn’t slip down the mountain causing an avalanche of Allison but after the views I saw and what we already conquered I felt pretty confident. When we moved back into the woods we were able to take some chances and have some fun sledding down on our butts to get to other trails. The hike was just what we all needed for a lovely Tuesday breather. We are happy we made it back in one pieces with only minor bruises and aches :) Enjoy the photos below…

Mt. Index

Saturday my friend Brittany and I hiked Mount Index to view Bridal Veil Falls. Although the trip there was pretty damp and rainy, by the time we got to the base the precipitation lightened up. We had an amazing hike through moss-covered trees and flowing water falls. This was my first witness of snow this winter! We didn’t make it to Lake Serene but I definitely want to to see that one day.

Tummy Sweep!

I hope you guys stuffed yourselves silly like I did for Thanksgiving. By the end of the night the only way I was comfortable is if I was in the fetal position. We ate and drank (over 20 bottles of wine) from 3 pm – 10 pm, completely unnecessary. At the dinner there was a lady who was an anthropologist on a cruise ship (amazeballs) she wanted to share a tradition with us that is done in the Philippines called ‘Tummy Sweeping’. We each laid on the floor while she used a broom to literally sweep our stomach for 30 seconds and that was suppose to make room for dessert.

Definitely didn’t, I don’t know what these Phillipeanians were thinking! We also took a street walk which we normally do at our house with the puppies while drinking vino. This time we were able to convince almost everyone there to do a street/wine walk with us. We only made it around the block but luckily we didn’t get pulled over by the cop car we passed for having an open intox. All though I’m thankful I was able to spend the day with my brother Cody and sister-in-law Jessica, it still wasn’t the same without my parents. This was the first Thanksgiving I have spent without them. Does this mean I’m growing up? I miss them dearly but will see them in 25 days for Christmas festivities! So much to do and see while they are here for their 7 day stay!

Small Town to Big City

My adventure in the Pacific Northwest has begun! The journey from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Seattle, Washington was long over due. I’ve always heard that as you grow older, life moves faster, I must be getting older. Not only am I creating this blog to share with my family and friends who are spread out all over the United States but I created this blog to share my loves and my experiences. I wish I would have started this YEARS ago. If I had all the time in the world I would definitely recap some of the crazy, amazing, weird stories that I have experienced throughout my teens and twenties from getting drunk freshman year of college during Christmas break and deciding to get matching tattoos with three of my best friends from high school to filing a patent for a product my mom and I created (which was then produced in China and sold in stores throughout the US). I know there will be a handful more of stories to share with you. My plan is to inspire an idea, spark creativity, make you laugh or make you cry (happy tears). Welcome, to my crazy, amazing journey I call life.