Leavenworth Love

Leavenworth for Memorial Day was one to remember. Mike, my 7th grade boyfriend and best friend of a few years came to Seattle all the way from Frisco, CO to visit for an extended weekend. We enjoyed a Mariners baseball game where I was actually given the game ball by one of the pitchers, Shawn Kelley whom played baseball with my brother in college at Austin Peay State University. The top baseball game moment, I have to say. The next day we took a little road trip to a little quaint place called Leavenworth where we visited Mike's homeboy from college Matt (Grody), who is living the life in Leavenworth. Mike has told me many a stories about Grody but it all came to life when we pulled up his his humble abode.. 

Grody's porch. When we pulled up there he was, sitting outside drinking out of a bottle of wine, loving life. And our adventure begins! After hitting up the local taco truck we adventured into the mountains. Leavenworth is surrounded by the Wenatchee National Forest and a beautiful forest it is! Mike and I ventured off to get some mountain views. I wouldn't consider boat shoes and sandals the proper hiking gear but we gave it a whirl. This was my first 'hike' post- ACL surgery! It felt so good to get back in the fresh air and the high mountain tops. 

After a day of travel and tourism we decided to call it a night with semi-cold Rainiers in the camper. The next day we had headed to the water. Grody works for LMS, Leavenworth Mountain Sports http://leavenworthmtnsports.com/ so we were able to take our some kayaks and paddle boards to head down the Wenatchee/Icicle River. Gorgeous day with some gorgeous views...

Needless to say, this weekend was fantastic. 



This past weekend I had the pleasure of surprising my mama with a visit home to Michigan. My dad and I had been scheming for two months with a plan to surprise my mama! We were very successful. When I moved to Seattle in August I had never spent more than a month away from home. Before last weekend it had been 9 months before I made it back to the mitten. A long time to be away! Although I was only in Michigan for less than 72 hours, I made the most of every moment. I used iMovie to create and edit my first video! Click here to view on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/41995205

Obama for the Win

"In an interview with ABC News, President Obama declared his support for gay marriage. This marks a departure from the president's previous stance, which has repeatedly been described as "evolving." See the whole article on NPR:

Open your eyes America! It Could Happen To You 

The World Without..

Interesting campaign from Forbes.. 

Donald Trump

Eike Batista

Richard Brandon