Small Town to Big City

My adventure in the Pacific Northwest has begun! The journey from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Seattle, Washington was long over due. I’ve always heard that as you grow older, life moves faster, I must be getting older. Not only am I creating this blog to share with my family and friends who are spread out all over the United States but I created this blog to share my loves and my experiences. I wish I would have started this YEARS ago. If I had all the time in the world I would definitely recap some of the crazy, amazing, weird stories that I have experienced throughout my teens and twenties from getting drunk freshman year of college during Christmas break and deciding to get matching tattoos with three of my best friends from high school to filing a patent for a product my mom and I created (which was then produced in China and sold in stores throughout the US). I know there will be a handful more of stories to share with you. My plan is to inspire an idea, spark creativity, make you laugh or make you cry (happy tears). Welcome, to my crazy, amazing journey I call life.

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