Tummy Sweep!

I hope you guys stuffed yourselves silly like I did for Thanksgiving. By the end of the night the only way I was comfortable is if I was in the fetal position. We ate and drank (over 20 bottles of wine) from 3 pm – 10 pm, completely unnecessary. At the dinner there was a lady who was an anthropologist on a cruise ship (amazeballs) she wanted to share a tradition with us that is done in the Philippines called ‘Tummy Sweeping’. We each laid on the floor while she used a broom to literally sweep our stomach for 30 seconds and that was suppose to make room for dessert.

Definitely didn’t, I don’t know what these Phillipeanians were thinking! We also took a street walk which we normally do at our house with the puppies while drinking vino. This time we were able to convince almost everyone there to do a street/wine walk with us. We only made it around the block but luckily we didn’t get pulled over by the cop car we passed for having an open intox. All though I’m thankful I was able to spend the day with my brother Cody and sister-in-law Jessica, it still wasn’t the same without my parents. This was the first Thanksgiving I have spent without them. Does this mean I’m growing up? I miss them dearly but will see them in 25 days for Christmas festivities! So much to do and see while they are here for their 7 day stay!

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