Mount Forgotten - Day Hike

Today's hike through Mount Forgotten has been the prettiest hikes I have done since moving to Washington. The views on the way up are absolutely breathtaking. Only the first two miles you are hiking through tall trees and brush without being able to see above until you come to a wide opening with clear skies. The trail becomes much steeper and heavily covered in lose rock. There are three waterfalls to make it over/through in order to continue the summit. The first waterfall isn't very deep to get through but the current is moving fast so you definitely have to move swiftly. The second waterfall proves to be a bit more challenging. The water gets deeper and is moving very fast. Gators and waterproof shoes are definitely a must! The third waterfall is where people on the trail told us they turned around due to the deep current. We scrambled around the bend a little ways to fit a shallower route in order to cross and continue on. After making it through the challenging waterfalls we decided to have lunch upstream in the dry river bed. After lunch we decided to do a little off-roading to get back through the waterfalls. Although very challenging with a dog in tow, we had so much fun jumping and scaling across the rocks and moss to make it back to the trail. On the way down the trail we took our time and enjoyed the views around us. We passed around 4 couples on our way up and down. A very quiet trail minus the roaring sounds of the waterfalls! 

the moss throughout the trail is gorgeous!

waterfall #3

Sister-in-law Jess and brother, Cody, crossing the waterfall

Cody, crossing the waterfall with Scarlotte

we did it! 


  1. Did you really go to the summit of Mount Forgotten? Your description kind of trails off after the crossing of Perry Creek, which is only about a third of the way there. I imagine you would have run into lots of snow, including on the steep slopes after the meadows.

  2. Not we couldn't make it to the top due to some shoe issues. We had 1 mile left to the top! We did run into a handful of snow at one point. Hopefully next time we can make it all the way!