Happy Spring! 

Although I am extremely jealous of the weather they are having back home in Michigan, I am very thankful for the sunshine :) The weather in Seattle has not lived up to the stereotype of rainy/cloudy everyday. It's been surprisingly sunnier than last winter in Ohio. This weather makes me that much more determined in my recovery from ACL/meniscus surgery. The surgery was 4+ weeks ago, which is hard to believe. Time is flying people! I am happy to report that I am right on track with my physical therapy. I can bend my leg 90 degrees and I can almost straighten all the way, I'm at 6 degrees. The comparison from ACL surgery 10 years ago is unremarkable. For being a big baby, I have hardly been in ANY pain! It's been a frustrating road but I keep telling myself, it could have been worse. 

To fill my time that once was filled with running, yoga, hiking and skiing it has been replaced with wedding, business, wedding and more wedding. Not MY wedding.. wedding biz :) Check out the launch at www.tableofcontentsevents.com . We are so excited and thrilled to be on this journey. Our LLC has been sent in and we are awaiting that lovely piece of paper in the mail saying we are official! Currently, we are working on the legal side of things to make sure we have all our ducks in a row before moving too far forward. Any legal people out there with advice? We'd love to hear it! We sent out our first order of table numbers to a customer in Canada. Her response once she received her table numbers: 

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the table numbers and they are beautiful! Adam and I love them and cannot wait to use them on our wedding day."

To make people happy, makes me happy! We are also in the process of working on table numbers and invites for another customer. When she saw the invite proof for the first time she said she cried. I read this e-mail on the bus and naturally, I started crying. The bus riders probably thought I was crazy.. well maybe not. There are some interesting characters on the bus. But again, it makes me so happy that someone else is happy with something we could do for them. This solidifies that we are heading in the right direction and feeling good about it! 

Things are looking up around here! Pictures updates.. 

 Liz and I in Portland after St. Patty's Day

Adam came up with some awesome games for St. Patty's day fun!

Adam and I hanging out in the hammocks at a bar in Portland.. I forget the name. 

more games with Dustin and Adam

a little present from my best friend, Shannon back home in Michigan. a visual reminder on my car of home :)

I can't wait to have a more interesting/active blog once I'm up and running.. literally !

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