Beer, Bluegrass & Birthday

This past weekend I spent my time in Frisco, Colorado with my lovely beau, Mike. This weekend I turned the big TWO-SEVEN! Hard to believe that at a young age of 8, I thought being 27 meant marriage, babies, house, career, grown-up etc. HAHA Crazy how things change! Frisco and Keystone were full of beer, bluegrass, hiking, biking, eating and quality time. 

Keystone Resort - Home of Beer & Bluegrass Festival

We made pretzel necklaces to be sure we had snacks to go along with our beer tasting ;)

Schmitty, Jason, myself and Mike.. thoroughly enjoying ourselves

Frisco Sunset

The bike paths in Frisco are so beautiful!

Birthday Hike - Mt Royal 10,500 Feet

Frisco is all dried up!

boyfran and me

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