Weekend Love

This weekend was incredible! Friday night started the weekend with games, friends and vino but ended early because of the early start a few of us were having the next day. Saturday started off at 7 am with a warm cup of oatmeal and a hankering for the ski mountain. Along with my friend Tucker, I drove to Snoqualmie Pass which is only about an hour from Seattle. The drive through the mountains was incredible with the sun was shinning from peak to peak. The anticipation of riding down the hill for the first time of the season was killing me. Once we got there we made our way to the baby hill for the first run. So far, so good. After that we advanced to the next level. I have never been intimidated by a ski hill like I was on Saturday. The adrenaline and the courage it took for me to go down the hill was overwhelming.. in a good way. We took several passes but after about 3 hours my friend Tucker bit it pretty hard and had a gash on the ridge of his nose, stopping us from taking any more runs. We headed back to Seattle. Here are some pictures from Snoqualmie. 

Tucker's mighty fall. 
Snoqualmie Pass

Today began early as well. My 7 am alarm went off with the sun shining through my bedroom window. I headed over to my friend Laura's house for a big hike up Mt. Bandera. The sun shined the entire drive there. We headed up the mountain with snow on the ground. The snow got pretty heavy as we kept ascending but that didn't stop us for about 2 hours until we realized we didn't have the proper equipment with us to keep going. The vertical on the hill forced us to turn around. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the top but the views were so incredible it didn't matter. See below :) 

the vertical.. we stopped shortly after this

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