Keeping My Head Up

The unfortunate has happened, I will be having ACL and meniscus surgery at the end of this month. I could hardly believe it when my doctor told me the results. After already going through ACL surgery in my left knee I was not thrilled to hear I will be going through this again on my right knee. Damn knees!! I can get around pretty good without crutches right now but definitely cannot participate in any kind of real physical activity. Before the ski accident I was extremely busy in yoga, volleyball, running, hiking and skiing. The most difficult part of this injury so far is sitting around. Because of my lack of activity my right thigh muscle has shrunk significantly.There is pretty much no muscle, just skin and bone.. gross! Even though I'm unable to do all the things I want to do, I'm still managing to get out and about as much as possible. I'll be pretty weak after surgery so I'm trying to live it up as much as possible right now. Here are some photos from my gimp-legged adventures :) 

Drinking some bloody mary's with Laura and Brittany at Ray's BoatHouse

The most beautiful day of 2012 in Seattle!

Spent Saturday morning reading while drinking coffee at the beach.. beautiful life.

Looks like people training for a triathlon. To participate in a triathlon this year was my goal ... might have to wait until next year.

Day trip to Cresent Lake .. looks like a Jeep commercial.

Beautiful day at Cresent Lake in Port Angeles.

Kingston/Edmonton Ferry ride

Adventuring out for the day!

Seattle sunset at Golden Gardens.

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