My Last Hoorah!

The weekend of the 18th was my last weekend before having ACL and meniscus surgery. Instead of sitting at home and anticipating all the pain I would be going through I decided to take a weekend adventure with my friend Brittany. We started out Friday night heading to Portland to stay with one of her friends, Heather. Once we finally made it through the traffic of Tacoma we found ourself at Bye-Bye. Bye-Bye is a vegan restaurant/bar with an amazing drink called the 'Bye-Bye'. This comes in a GIANT mason jar filled with all sorts of liquid goodness. After that we headed to the Nite-Lite for some more fun with friends. The next day was the start of our adventure. We headed to the coast! Our first stop was Cannon Beach which apparently has something to do with the movies The Goonies (which I have never seen). Haystock Rock was there and was so incredible. It made us feel so small. The wind was whipping at our faces as the waves almost knocked us over! From Cannon Beach we made our way to Cape Disappointment and our YURT! Not gonna lie, the first time I heard we were staying in a yurt I was picturing a giant hammock for some reason. Luckily, it was not. Instead it was a heated room! I want a yurt of my own. That night we started a fire, had some lovely spiked drinks and played on the beach. Also, when we first checked in we were handed information on the aggressive raccoons that wandered the campground so of course all night we were paranoid watching them roam around our yurt to get to our spilled salad and pizza. Thank goodness there were no direct encounters. The next day we woke up pretty early to drive along the coast to see some of natures beauty. One of those locations was Dead Man's Cove. It certainly was deadly looking. We were beat heading home .. a little too much McDonalds and boozin :) Enjoy our photos below.. 

We made it! Haystock Rock!

Brittany in our yurt!

Sunset at Cape Disappointment

Enjoy the beach and beers

Deadman's Cove!

Hiding from the waves

our little yurt


you would think that three guys were staying there!

my last hoorah!

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