Welcoming my new ACL to the world

After 2 hours in surgery I came out with a brand new hamstring ACL. Getting to that point, however wasn't so easy. Thank goodness for my amazing mama who flew in all the way from Michigan. I couldn't have done this without her. The nurse started me out with an IV.. the absolute worst part for me. I am a HUGE baby so me crying because of the needle poke was no surprise to my mom. After making it through talking to the anesthesiologist and the doctor.. it was time. I hugged my mom and the tears started flowing, again. I cried the entire way into the surgery room. The last thing I remember was the nurse asking how I injured my leg but I could hardly talk I was so scared, then I woke up! When I awoke I was so out of it and was taking jibberish to the nurse. I told her at one point I felt drunk but knew I wasn't so maybe I was hungover. Hmmm. The goods news is I was not in ANY pain! Before surgery they put a block on my leg so it was completely numb and lasted 12 - 24 hours after surgery. After some crackers, juice and a lot of questions I was released. We headed home for some relaxation. Yesterday was filled with Cable TV, which I haven't had in years, and the internet. The middle of the night last night the block wore off making this morning pretty rough. The pain has definitely increased! Thank goodness for painkillers and puppies :) 

before i went into surgery my mom wanted to badly to take a picture. i finally let her and then she proceeded to say she was going to put it on facebook. i said if she can figure out how to upload from my iPhone then go ahead.. unfortunately she was able to figure it out. 

no better cure than puppy love.

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