Blue Moons and Sunshine

Today started out at 5:30 am for a day of shred at Crystal Mountain with my brother, Cody and sister-in-law, Jessica. The hour and a half drive from Seattle was absolutely beautiful as we watched the sunrise over the mountain tops. We arrived at the base around 8:45 am just in time for the 9 am first chair. The weather was perfect all day, the sun was shining and the snow was perfect. My first run down was on my own which led me to getting a little lost since I have never been to Crystal before. I ended up meeting up with Codes and Jess two runs later. We met some great people on the lifts and had an injury free day. After our lunch break Jess and I had some liquid courage to get us through the rest of the day :) We love Blue Moons! 

paraglide badass.

codes and i watching Jess come down

thanks for the passes grandma! me, Jess and Codes

not too crowded for the beautiful weather.

Jess and I admiring the view.

love, love, love it here

living as much of life on the mountains continues. 

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