I miss home  and everything that comes with it. I've now been away from home (Kalamazoo, MI) for five months. This is the longest time away I have ever spent in my 26.5 years of my life. Guess I'm growing up! Cannot wait to go back this summer! The Youngblood residence has evolved quite a bit over the years. My parents bought the property over 25 years ago when it was just a lot of trees. They tore the trees down and built the house from the ground up. I remember when we had a one car garage, no drive-way and an above ground pool.. those were the days :) Now our house has evolved in an estate of a two-car garage with a carport, an underground pool, two ponds and one bog along with my grandma's little apartment style house and the most spectacular garden that has a lot of blood, sweat and tears all over every inch of the grounds.

my cute grandma reading on her porch
check out that rock wall

the beautiful moss that has taken three summer to transplant and grow

the biggest pond on the property

the two rugrats

the bar that was built and finished summer 2011. my uncle, mom, dad and i all worked our booty's off in 100 degree weather to complete this before my brother's rehearsal dinner at our house. this is bar #2 because the first attempt didn't succeed :) 

two of the hardest working, selfless people i know. my amazing and talented parents.

 side view from the garden

teaching brooks to swim

three amazing women, my mom, nancy welsh in the middle (a second mom) and my grandma

i also love, love, love this little girl in the video: 

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