Unlike us Michiganders who have to have to trudge to school and/or work in 4 + feet of snow, the entire town of Seattle shuts down with a mere 5 inches of snow. Now, I'm not complaining because yesterday was the best snow day ever! Because of the 'state of emergency' myself, my brother, my sister-in-law and our friend Jesse all were able to enjoy a happy snow day together. The street we live on is on top of a giant hill in Magnolia. The street was shut down for vehicle traffic but that didn't stop us along with the entire neighborhood to break out sleds, skies, bloat up boats, snowboards, tupperware, whatever people could get their hands on to jet down the hill. After only three runs down the hill, three deep in the blow up boat, it saw it's last day. We rode the curb for far too long before we slid to an abrupt halt because of the deflated boat. That didn't stop us from enjoying the rest of our snow day outside with our fellow neighbors! Happy Snow DayS Seattle! 

Scarlett's first snow

the vertical on Dravus Street

street wine

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